Sourcing Assistant Recruit & Training Service

Sourcing Assistant Recruit & Training Service

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Want To Scale Your Online Arbitrage Business While Outsourcing The Process To Your Very Own Virtual Assistant That Works For You & Only You?

With this order, you will receive a fully trained virtual assistant that will research source online retail stores for profitable products so you can get your time back to focus on tasks that matter to you. The products are sourced are in the UK/US from UK/US based online retailers.

Your new fully trained and component virtual assistant will work Monday to Friday providing you with at least 10 product leads each day. They are trained to share this information with you via Google Sheets which allows you to work from anyway while having access to your profitable products. 

The communication method to your virtual assistant is up to you, however, Online Arbitrage Services does recommend that you use Slack Communication. A free tool that makes communication within your business very easy, in real time and much better than email. 

When your list of products are received Monday to Friday, you will review these products and decide if you want to purchase as per your criteria. This is the first step to outsourcing your entire business as you are able to also recruit senior virtual assistants that can review and even purchase on your behalf. All additional services are offered by Online Arbitrage Services. 

The sourcing virtual assistant expected wage is $300 per month. $150 Invoices are sent to you on the 15th and 30th of each month via Paypal. 

If you want to take your Online Arbitrage Business to the next level while getting your time back, this is the most effective first step. 

Each order comes with a private 4-week support service ensuring the transition from training to working for you is as smooth as possible. This allows you to communicate to our Support Team ensuring any questions you have are answered within 24-48 hours.

The current lead time for training your new assistant is 1 week. 

We look forward to supporting your business. 

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